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Well this is a subject close to my heart.
I make good money, how strange is it that in this day and age $100k is just considered good money and not great money?
And when I first met my x wife her and I were poor as shit! I made all of $35k my first year as an engineer! It was shit money!
But when we were both poor we would make love about god…twice a week. It was great! And though we were poor we were both very happy.

A few years later I moved around from job to job and started making $100k…at about that same time my x wife for god knows what reason started to withhold from me. Not just sex, almost any form of passion. And though I was making more money and we had a more relaxed life because we had disposable income…….i felt so poor. No matter how much harder I worked or how much more I made I just felt poor.

And after it all went to shit as it always does I vowed to never ever put myself in such a position again. So I will have to agree with the article.