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Originally Posted by kyle.c View Post
I feel like I am so old now and I will never have the urge to own a sport car ever again.
You are 100% correct. At age 26, you are too old for a sports car, any sports car. Actually, you may well be too old for anything other than a 4door Mercury Marquis, or some god forsaken Buick. It is good to see someone that has embraced their age and has finally, "grown up"!

At age 63 I recently bought a Z4. It has the "sport" package, and a 6 speed manual, 3.0i. Since age 26 I have owned a Porsche Super 90 (356), Triumph Spitfire, Corvette, Miata, as well as 9 BMW motorcycles, and countless other bikes.

Sadly, for me, I have never been able to embrace my age, nor have I ever grown up. Because I don't have the insight you have, I have had to suffer through life with these types of vehicles.

You are a lucky man.