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Originally Posted by templarklimek View Post
But this all relates to the M3 S65 as an example of Govt pressure to change the market and buying practices of consumers thru non-market related dictates and such.
I think you are looking for political meaning where none exists. The move to retire the S65 is based on profits for BMW.

The engines in M-cars past were special; S54, S65, S63, etc. The engines in current and future M-cars (M5, X5M, 1M, and F3X M3) are not nearly as special. Because, at least in my opinion, they are just modified production-line mills.

The development cost of the past S-code engines is likely huge and then shared among a fairly small market base when compared to the number of units over which BMW can spread of cost of the 3 and 5 series engines.

Also, OP, thanks for your service. Despite which side of the political spectrum any of us are I can assure you we appreciate it!

And since this thread is already political I'll take a moment to climb upon a soap box and just say some crap about that:

The reality is both parties want what's best for the nation. If you believe the hype that one side of the other will "destroy America" then put down the koolaide and use the gray-matter between your ears for a moment. Both parties try to stir up their base and that's all fine and good, but America is bigger than either party and the Constitution and American resolve are stronger than Obama or Romney. They are both just a passing phase.