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Originally Posted by Darth One View Post
i imagined OP as a unshaven, world-weary war vet with PTSD typing this post in a dark room, while smoking a cigarette and cleaning a field-stripped Colt 1911.

how close was i?
haha! Pretty close!

Combat Vet who now runs a business. I cannot stand petty bureaucrat's telling me.

A. who I can hire
B. how much i can pay them
C. A huge list of do's and don'ts.

It never ends, I'm "going galt" every day now. Over time you run out of steam. It becomes "why am I feeding those who do nothing, more than I feed myself or my employees?"

"When those who produce nothing dictate to those that do, liberty is doomed"

All I want to do is work hard, mind my own business, succeed or fail based on my own merits and not have my property stolen in the name of the greater good. Naturally all levels of Govt must take thier cut as well when "helping" others.

We have more eaters of bread than makers of bread now.

But this all relates to the M3 S65 as an example of Govt pressure to change the market and buying practices of consumers thru non-market related dictates and such.

Oh BTW, I don't smoke and I carry an FN 5.7mm. But you were close! thanks for the laughs!