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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
Statefarm - with all mods added and photographed by them, car got valued @$120K and I pay $900 a year. I have all my other cars insured by them, as well as my house, life, and disability insurance.

Age 40.
No tickets.
No accidents.
And very good looking.
Just curious--there was a thread on here recently in which a member said either his auto rates went up or he was dropped from his insurance co because of an aftermarket exhaust. There might have been more to the story, but don't your mods, especially your ESS kit, raise a flag to your insurance carrier that you're a "spirited" driver? (I'm sure you're safe and responsible on the road, but insurance companies look for any reason to increase premiums.)

Originally Posted by m3an View Post
+1; after reading some of these threads I wonder how people made it this far in life w/ out help.. And able to afford a very nice car.
Unfortunately, most physicians basically put their lives on hold for 10 years or so after college while they go through med school and residency training. Most also complete schooling and training in urban areas where there is no need for a car. So, at 31yo, the OP is probably like a 21yo getting a car for the first time and having to deal with auto insurance for the first time.
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