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Originally Posted by snohman82 View Post
i am more curious as to see what levels of liability everyone has - people say full coverage, but that doesnt tell me what range (ie. $100k/$300k for liability, etc.).

I am paying nearly $1,700 per year for $100k/$300k liability, $50k property, and $30k/$60k for uninsured. big deductible at $1,000 as well just because i would pay up to $2k to avoid going through insurance which would surely go up. I am also using AAA (which is more pricey) but gets me breaks on other stuff. Zero accidents or tickets on record. 30 years of age. its pricey, i know, but when i shopped around, for some reason i was getting quoted over $2k from the likes of geico, etc. frustrating...west los angeles zip code.

Exactly. Zip code, driving record and all of that is obviously important, but w/o knowing deductibles and policy limits these numbers are meaningless.

If you are not a lawyer or had not been sued before in a major auto wreck, you wouldn't know that it doesn't take much of a wreck with a decent wage earner injured on the other side with some wage loss and medicals to have your policy limits exhausted and have the P.I. attorney coming after all of your other assets beyond your policy limits.

If you save $500 per year for ten years on lower limits, more power to you. However, that extra $5k in ten years more than pays for itself with higher limits if you get in a wreck and it is even debatable that you were wholly or partially at fault. For $5k more over 10 years I would think that peace of mind alone is worth the price of admission.

Get the highest auto policy limits you can afford, and if you have other assets to protect as well buy an umbrella policy for $1 or $2 million in addition to your auto policy.