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Originally Posted by crashish View Post
Does nobody realize that making buyer pay the fees is strictly against PayPal policies? It's pretty scummy, and in the past has been a sign of a bad seller, particularly in combination with requesting the funds sent as a 'gift' via PayPal...

Good luck with sale though.
Thanks for the comment man. I have been in the BMW world for some time now. Its not hard to find out who your buying from. Not sure what your intension are in your post, but I'm not selling a set of VMRs here. Most all FI owners know each other and I have found that when you deal with high end parts you tend to deal with high end people. If you would like to talk to Darwin at Sonic MS he will tell you how I do business. He did the entire build on this car. Paypal doesn't need to be the method of payment. Cash is just fine