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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
I'm looking into this option as this will likely be my next mod, and shortly thereafter I'll likely get a square setup of 18" wheels to get more front grip -- slippery slope!

However (and apologies if this is answered elsewhere, I looked but didn't find anything), while I understand that maximum negative camber can be affected by several factors, I'm curious what the RANGE of camber adjustment is. For example, if I installed these plates, set them to their minimum setting, and got an alignment for -2 degrees, what would my camber be after switching them to max camber? And how much does toe change from minimum to maximum?

And lastly, would you happen to know how much camber I'd get on my otherwise stock suspension setup (EDC, 19" 220Ms) and, if different, with a set of 18" wheels for 255 width tires all around?
If you started with a minimum camber of -2 degrees your maximum camber would be around 3.5 degrees depending on how low our suspension is. I noted a min/max camber of 1.6/3.1 degrees with Eibach springs.

Since I went with a static setup for both track/street, I did not bother to check the change in toe at max camber. From what I've read on other post, a 1.5 degree camber change will result in about a 0.5 degree toe change.

I was able to get a max camber of -1.6 degree with pins pulled and lowered suspension of .75 inch. On a stock setup you will get less, maybe around -1.3 degrees with pins pulled.

I attached my street/track alignment specs. Since most of my HPDE's are solo, alignment was done with me sitting in car. The spec sheet however, was printed with me out of car and shows left/right change in camber. The camber with me sitting in car is roughly F -2.2/-2.2 and R -2.0/-2.0. Toe was set to almost zero to minimize tire wear from excessive camber.
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