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When I need a replacement, I will likely leave the brand altogether. The lack of an N/A engine is a big part of it and BMW is straying from its performance roots by being a more 'user friendly' car manufacturer for the general population, which demands larger and more comfortable cars (at least in the US). While there is no question that the new cars 'outperform' the older gens on paper, for me personally they are not as engaging and have lost a lot of their fun-to-drive factor, which more than offsets incremental gains in straight line performance. Other competitors do 'user friendly', larger, high performance and comfortable cars too, and I don't think BMW has an edge in offering something differentiated anymore. I believe that C&D was spot on when they said that in a head-to-head comparison, the old 3 series would win vs the new 3 series....I totally see where they're coming from.