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it is a low premium, if he was in los angeles. specific zip codes (even though apparently they aren't supposed to do this anymore) cost significantly more with all other factors constant.

i am more curious as to see what levels of liability everyone has - people say full coverage, but that doesnt tell me what range (ie. $100k/$300k for liability, etc.).

I am paying nearly $1,700 per year for $100k/$300k liability, $50k property, and $30k/$60k for uninsured. big deductible at $1,000 as well just because i would pay up to $2k to avoid going through insurance which would surely go up. I am also using AAA (which is more pricey) but gets me breaks on other stuff. Zero accidents or tickets on record. 30 years of age. its pricey, i know, but when i shopped around, for some reason i was getting quoted over $2k from the likes of geico, etc. frustrating...west los angeles zip code.