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Unless I'm missing something, they still charge a fee per day ($165 looks like?). I know VIR club members still have to pay per day as well, but I was remembering it to be more like $100/day. No way I'd join if you still pay $165/day, you can run with many clubs for slightly more than that without shelling out the up front cash.

And I interpret the "30 days" part to refer to the track being closed to non-members 30 days a year. But you'd still pay the $165/day.

Edit: Brief research of VIR's rates, which are much more expressly stated, shows that you do pay the $100+ per day of use still. Which is why I haven't joined. I'd gladly throw down $2k to run VIR whenever, but not if I'm still paying more for the use of it per day than if I just instruct with a DE group.