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Originally Posted by curryNrice004 View Post
who saw the first episode? i thought the preview was better lol

The whole episode was awesome, the preview was good too, but you cant just put the whole season in one show. Apparently this season is gonna be on the same intensity scale as the last couple episodes of season 2. So is. Even after they clear out the prison I doubt it slows much going on with the Govenor and everything else. It should be an awesome season.

Hopefully Darrell doesnt die..Norman Reedus is probably the best actor on the show. LOL @ Lori crying to Hershey kiss, she couldnt act to save her life. If any one dies in the next couple episodes I sincerly hope its her. Tired of all her BS.

Michonne is gonna kick ass and take names, I just wish they had described a little more about what Andrea has. All the sudden chick is sick. I recorded talking dead and Comic book guys so I can watch the sneak peek, needless to say, I cant wait to get home.