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Originally Posted by Ohh_5H1T View Post
for me i think it'll most likely be a P car....Really all depends on where i am financially 2-3 years down the road though. A 458 Ferrari would certainly do it for me if money wasn't an issue. And if my IS300's motor ever blows which is my DD, i think i'll consider an Evo as a replacement for that. But i personally dont intend on getting rid of my M3... i'll always keep it as my toy car... will just SC it and mod it endlessly over time....
+1, I don't ever plan on selling the M unless BMW goes back to its routes one day and gives us another NA engine. With-in 2 years I plan on putting a S85 V10 SC under the hood.

As far as next car goes, definitely going to be a Cayenne Turbo S, the newer one though (hate the old model). Or if the new X5M's are out by the middle of 2014 then I'll wait for that.