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Originally Posted by CPWINCH
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Is the car being built for competition(time attack),just hpde fun, or to set an all out track record? Z06 is obviously going to be faster of the 2 but also the hairier one to drive. For Non competition fun, the m3 hands down. Or in my case I'd strip my m6 for track use, considering their piss poor resale value. Only 200 lbs more than an m3 but 100hp up
hmm, now you got me thinking
Yeah, I wish somebody had done it before, but given its target audience most of the track enthusiast haven't considered this option.

Looking at the facts, it weighs only 200 lbs more than an m3, but it can most likely shed weight faster than an m3 considering all of the luxury accoutrements that can be taken out. It also has a 100 more horsepower to start with, which also responds well to boltons and tunes. I'm just not sure about the overall balance of the car. I'm playing with coilover and spring setups but I haven't had enough track time to dial them in yet.

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