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Originally Posted by templarklimek View Post
LOl, gents.. Thank you for your kind words. I'm reading too much Ayn Rand and such authors.

But really, the S65 is being killed in it's prime for IMHO non-market reasons. Oil/gas being too high not from a pure demand aspect but a command economy aspect. Outcome based thinking dictated from "on high".

BMW wanting to go along to get along to still make money killed off something special that still had a long and intersting life left. 4.4L, S/C, etc.
What would have M done to enhance the next S65 in the next M3/M4.

Ok, going out now. Just a few beers.

Who is John Galt!
I was frustrated and angry for weeks after my first read of Atlas Shrugged and completely agree with you. It's a shame to see this motor get kicked under the carpet just because of political policies.. especially as they still pump out 7 liter corvettes with 11:1 compression over here.
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