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Originally Posted by drft92 View Post
If you feel that 60k is too much for a base M3, then what vehicles do you find to be comparable for an under a 60k base ?? Vehicles of the same caliber from a performance, luxury and esthetic aspects.
Another way to look at this is similiar to Edmund's reivew. There are cars out there that might not offer 100% of M3's performance, luxury and brand name but they provide better value (Yes, I know the word value is a bit absurd when referring to a 60k+ car). For example, you can probably pick up an slightly used elise for a good price and it will have similar performance figures as M3, but it will definately be more fun to drive. Like you said it's all subjective.

I may throw in the towels as well and move to the 135i camp. I will be around though tosee what I am missing as well. Perhaps that will convince me to pay the extra coin.