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Originally Posted by M Pulse View Post
Anyone think BMW will resurrect the NA V8 in the next gen M3? If you look at the immediate competition - C63, RS5, IS-F, CTS-V - they're all V8's.

Either BMW is the leader of the pack in this segment by shifting away from the V8 or they're completely missing the boat. Guess time will tell.

I think many of us would prefer BMW to continue with the V8 in the upcoming next-gen M3. If sales go down drastically and the rest of the competition continues to have success with the V8's then BMW may not have a choice but to bring it back.
But only if sales go down drastically. Maybe BMW read too many 335i vs M3 posts and decided to make an M335 for the sheeple.

Even Bernie Ecclestone is having second thoughts about losing the V8 sound in F1.

M3 should be a V8 or V10, and the M5 should have a V10 or V12.