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OFFICIAL NYC MEET-Saturday 10-20-12 "West Village DOG run"


So a couple of us here on the forum have been wanting to start a meet in NYC to allow a good central point for everyone in the tri-state area to meet & greet at, considering NYC is basically in the middle between NJ and all other boroughs. I also know a few of us have been eager to check out each other's cars in person, so this will be a good opportunity to do so. I will be bringing my pro DSLR so that those who miss it will be able to see the turn out on this thread...and perhaps it will entice others to join moving forward. We only have a few weeks till it gets way too cold to do anything so we want to give this a shot ASAP. With this in mind, here are the details:

Meet: "West Village Dog Run" Meet (named after some random point at the location on google maps lol.)
First Meet Date: Saturday, October 20th
Time: 8:00PM
Meeting point:The spot we have chosen is 10th Ave. Between Gansevoort St. and Little West 12th street in the Meat Packing District. Below I've added some google images for your reference.

The plan is to meet here at 8:00, chill for a bit while others arrive, chat, check out the cars, take pics whatever... then roll out together and do a small round-town stoll, take 6th ave. uptown to times square and parade down times square, then we can go back to the meeting point OR... my homies and I are thinking of driving down to south street seaport (Pier 19) to eat+drinks at UNO's. which is only a few minutes away. But that I guess we'll play by ear and the feedback given between now and then.

The Location
The strip extends for about 2 blocks long and it's about 3 lanes wide and has parking slots where those trucks are standing in the screen shot below. After 7pm commercial parking rules are out of effect and we should be able to post up in this space. From my experience, there is very little traffic going through this strip so it will be a convenient spot to meet at.

I've labeled this map so that whether you're coming down East or West 14th street, it'll be easy for you to find your way to the spot. Nonetheless im sure most or all of you have Navi in your car or mobile phone and will have no problems finding it. I put a star at the Standard Hotel which is very well known, just for ya'll reference.

I've also added an Alternate location in case for whatever reason cops come bothering and tell us to move... we can all migrate to spot #2 Which is Greenwhich St. Between Vandam St. & King St. and its even less populated and ample enough for us to post up. It is relatively close to the main location and i've included a map below to show it.

Thus far, These members are confirmed (I will update the list as we go):


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Alternate Spot
Name:  greenwichmeet.jpg
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Distance from the original location to the Alt. Spot.
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Map of the joy ride (Considering we hit South Street Seaport after)
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