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True Power...

Kudos on you for the victory and the race that could have caused you to react and then subsequently regret the outcome your action(s). BTW...I just left Kandahar also. At any rate, "True Power" is knowing you can, but won't! I learned my racing lesson, finally, after I was clocked at 91 mph in a 70 mph zone in South Carolina and I'm glad I was finally caught. Fortunately, I hired a lawyer and got the ticket reduced to 5 mph over the speed limit and I kept it off of my Virginia driving record. Had I been caught exceeding the speed limit in excess of 15 mph in Virginia I probably would not have my 2011 E90 Sedan. Virtually everyone is packing, legally or illegally, these days. I packed throughout my 22 years, both with a concealed weapon permit and without, while in the military and since retiring. I'm not afraid to use my weapon and I hope like h3ll that I NEVER have to--I don't want the cost that comes with defending myself in our legal system because regardless of your position, justified or not, you never know what may be the outcome. If I, you, or anyone else ever pull your weapon and use it we just need to be prepared for the amount of pesos it will cost us to defend ourselves. And for retired military, get convicted and confined and you/we jeopardize losing your/our military retirement. Finally, everyone speaks of packing, but in 30 years I've never heard of a person pulling a weapon, using it, and then boasting proudly about the results or how well they made out. Continue to pack, but try and stay out of situations that may cause you to use your power. The fact that it was a soldier or military member does not make it ok, remember what happened in Kandahar when the soldier walked off based and.... No one could have predicted that situation or outcome.