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Dead man walking

Sigh, the last of a dying breed:

Charge of the light Brigade,
Knights vs. gunpowder
The Alamo

The brave S65 M3. A bold move for M, a hulky V8 snorting and ready to go.. Cut down in it's prime by Orwellian Marxist command economy DIKTATES.
It knows the bell tolls for it, yet it still has a few months left to live. As Davy Crockett said "Damn you all to hell, I'm going to Texas." Our M3 says to "Eco-watermelons" Damn you all to hell I'm going to 8400 RPM'S!

As goes our choices to DECIDE what we want to drive and how much we are willing to pay. So goes our Liberty. We are becoming sheep, bleating for security. The nanny state knows best.

Good night sweet prince, you will be sorely missed.