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Originally Posted by M3_FJ View Post
I'm on Long Island. I'm down for weekends. Way too busy during the week with work.
Originally Posted by NOM3ERY View Post
Im down for this also
Originally Posted by NikB316 View Post
After seeing this meet tonight we definitely need to start something on our own. Not trying to hate on the people tonight as everyone has their own thing and even ricers need to meet up lol! This was DEFINITELY not the type of meet I (or anyone I knew) was looking for. I wouldn't care if it wasn't only BMWs...definitely cool with Benz, Audi, Porsche, etc. people showing up or even other enthusiasts. I think ruling out the Hondas, VWs, etc. will keep this on the mature side and not like a large high school parking lot which is the best way I could describe tonight. I guess I may have to start making accounts on all the other forums to see if there really is enough interest for this. If anyone has any suggestions or know of any meets like this that maybe aren't mentioned on the forum please let me know! Too tired to think of other ideas tonight...
AMEN! lol