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Need Opinions...

i have been looking for a good e46 for a while now and although i love my 335i i think i may have one.
can i get some input on if this deal seems good?
also are the miles too high?
how long do typical e46s last (mile wise) if you keep up with all the proper maintenance?
what should i be looking for and checking besides the carfax?

its a 2004 phoenix yellow e46 m3
black leather
i believe he said he upgraded the clutch at 95k miles with receipts
114k miles
asking $12,000
completely stock (besides clutch)

hes a friend of mine who plays in my poker club. i dont know him well but ive asked other players that i do know and they confirmed that as far as they know its in good condition

what would be a good starting point to offer him in negotiation?

any information would be greatly appreciated as none of my friends are BMW enthusiasts so i dont know what to specifially look for

also some info about me..i live in NNJ and drive about 15k miles a year, this would not be my DD so no winters or bad weather for this i'd like to keep the miles off it. also not planning on doing any serious mods, just coils and wheels and prob bolt ons, other than that just drive it.