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Originally Posted by positiveions View Post
people are just asses. Sorry OP.
I am thinking maybe a good body shop can fill it in, sand it, and polish it ???? (maybe)

Lot of haters here for sure. Many times I found nails, screws, shit setup by my tires at gym, clubs, mall, shopping centers.

Shop said is too deep, sand and polish will not work. They gonna paint it.

Originally Posted by eclipsisNA View Post
A wet sand progression + polish could make it less noticeable, otherwise a respray is the only option to make it 100%.
I did wet sand 2000 and polish it was less noticeable but you still can see it clearly. Shop will respray it and is not gonna be cheap .

Originally Posted by wuzupfoo View Post
boo this just happened to me a couple months ago... ate the deductible and had it resprayed.. I feel for you man..
Sorry it happened to you too.

I was really mad at first, because they won't show me the tape and cops didn't really give a shit about it. But I thought about, at least my car didn't got rocked, stolen or on fire. I feel much better.

Originally Posted by Kwando View Post
Sucks man..this is why we can't have nice things. Does that pick show the slashed tire? I'm not even sure what a slashed tire is.
I didn't took a picture of my tire. Google "slashed tire" click images and you will see some pictures what slashed tire is.

Originally Posted by SAINT VAN ROCK View Post
Man, that is some bs.....a lot of haters out there.

Originally Posted by ZRODDICK View Post
F**k! Sorry to hear this.
I know, f**k.
Thank you.

I know it sucks , but I told myself be happy because worst thing could of happen to it.

Originally Posted by jonasaurus View Post
Sorry to hear about this. Unbelievable some people out there

I know there are lots people out there that do this kind of shit, just never thought it would of happen to me.

Originally Posted by e92involved View Post
Sorry to hear this man. Unfortunately, color sand and buff will not do. You will need to re-paint the panel
You are 100% right.

Originally Posted by nerwyll@trinityautosport View Post
+1. hope it goes smoothly from here for you.
Thank you, lets hope so.

Originally Posted by dmk08 View Post
Sucks hate to see this. Hope you can get it handled.

Were you driving aggressive or cut someone of on the way to the bank? I would think someone needs a motive to do this.
I just hope the shop that is going to paint my car will do a great job.

I was driving normal, followed the speed limit 25MPH in a school zone. Didn't cut no one off, when I pull in the shopping center I was driving very slow looking for a safe parking stall. Motive I see here is, they saw a young asain guy driving a bmw. I mean just look at Hawaii craigslist "rants and raves" section you will see there are so many racism.

For example :

Originally Posted by 4corners View Post
Adding to this question... were you parked in a spot? Or double parked in some fashion like rules don't apply to you?

If you carry a big stick, sometimes you have to walk softly.
I always parked in the center, I never double park anywhere.

Originally Posted by M3SQRD View Post
I hate seeing this crap - sorry OP
Thanks. Next time I'll make sure I park some where close to the camera.

Originally Posted by NYC M3 View Post