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Originally Posted by FairladyZ View Post
It's not just me. The city that I live in is full of European cars and almost all of my friends ride in some sort of Audi / Merc / Bimmer. And all of them visits dealerships for tech issues ALL THE TIME.

Call me biased, do I look like I give a flying fuck? No offense, I'm upset strictly at the situation, not at your comments.

Just wait till your M3 start having issues left and right, let's revisit this thread then.
I came from a 335i that was constantly at the dealer with tons of issues..and sold it right out of warranty because of it..I am sypathetic to your situation but at the same time I didnt say I am never going to own another BMW again because of one car and one a matter of fact I got into an M3..and so far so good..

They're cars.. they break ...I just take it in stride..GL just the same.