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Originally Posted by mike the snake View Post
This would be awesome if it came about. I'd gladly pay for special coverage.

While I don't especially like SPEED's coverage, it's all I've known, and I set my alarm clock for practice, qualifying, and the race EVERY race. I LOVE F1.

I suspect NBC will show only the race, and probably not live, and it will be filled with commercials and much much worse than it is now. I actually only dislike all the commercials, which are out of control.

On a 1/2 hour show, maybe MAYBE 11-12 minutes is actually show. Then there's the commercials that are obscenely loud, forcing you to constantly adjust the volume.
I have habitually muted commercials for years. Drives me nuts when I'm at someone else's house and they don't mute commercials. Then I remember that it's my habit and not theirs.

I certainly hope FOM has pushed for a "must broadcast" clause or some such thing with whomever gets the deal. Suffice it to say I'll probably never watch Speed again.

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