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Great news!
Thanks good sir!

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That's awesome Nick!
Thanks Lon!
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i don't know you but wow what an inspiring story... stay strong man! i lost both my grandparents (who raised me), cancer is seriously such a crazy thing and has ruined so many families, but i'm glad you're doing better, keep it up man!
Thank you very much. I totally understand what you mean about your grandparents. I lost my grandfather from cancer, last year. My hearing loss didn't help me too much in this case since I saw him the days and the last day he passed. =(

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Awesome news! Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you're doing better!
Thank you very much!
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People may not know you personally, but that doesn't mean your story will not reach out and touch them. Congratulation man and keep on staying positive!
I hope so. A lot people don't understand how difficult it is and how many people are affected than just the individual with cancer. It has affected my entire family and still.
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I've thought of you often since your last update (every time I throw on my red on black OverSpun t-shirt), and I'm glad to learn of your continued recovery! As I, and many others have said before, your courage and tenacity is inspiring.

And as "The Stranger" would say..."I like your style"!
Thank you very much! Haha, its funny... thats one of my favorite movies.

"Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, he eats you." ... In this case, I ate the bear.

I'm very thankful that everyone on the forum has supported me in my health.
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