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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
You should start modding your car... you'll hear all kinds of weird noises, random check engine lights will come on, a flat tire will leave you stranded for good, etc... I think you'd deal with it well.

Seriously, sorry for your troubles, but it is hardly the norm for these cars. They are pretty reliable, and fairly bullet proof even when tracked on a regular basis. Once in a while Dieter and Hans build a car while drunk or with a hangover - it happens. You probably got a car built during the Oktoberfest season.

My previous car was modded a bit and you are right, as soon as OEM parts get replaced with aftermakert ones, car started to sound like a tin can with a coin sealed inside.

The M3 is my daily driver, and my job is rather demanding when it comes to time. I just want a damn car that I could drive, forget, rev to 8250RPM, have fun, park and forget it again. And since I haven't modded the M3, I ***SHOULD BE ABLE TO*** have this peace of mind, except that I don't.