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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
My car used to do this a bit but not nearly as bad. I used to think that my ICV was going bad. It is solid as a rock ever since I got the DME software updated. :dunno:

Originally Posted by RBB View Post
I'm noticing this. Takes a few extra cranks in the mornings and I've had a few instances of rev hunting between 700-1200....bounces back and forth for a second or two immediately after starting. Nowhere near as bad as Fairlady's video but not normal cold start procedure. Think I'm going to go ahead and replace my low pressure sensor since its a cheap fix. Hopefully my ICV isn't on the way out.

The video I posted is of another M3 having the same issue. Mine isn't as bad as this, and it hasn't happened today, YET. Mind you today is more like 12 degrees so maybe it only happens when it's -10 degrees cold?