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Wow - cracked wheel

I'm washing my car today, finishing up with the wheels as usual, and suddenly I notice something odd. What is that?? Lo and behold, it's a crack in one of the spokes of the BMW 19" wheels. And it isn't from wheel trauma, these are the wheels that came with the M, I haven't hit anything, and there's no other sign of damage

Yikes!! How did that happen / how long has it been there / what have I done in the car since it's been there? Was it there during the fast run down winding country roads last week? Was it there during my last track day??

Anyway, FYI - take a look at your wheels when you have a minute. The dealer is replacing it ("Do you have the tire and wheel warranty?" "No - but doesn't this appear to be a pretty significant manufacturer's defect to you...?" "Good point"), and I'll be happy to put this one behind me.

EDIT:>> These are low-res pics, I wasn't sure of the size limits for image uploads. Have higher-res ones if needed. In the third pic, you can just see how the crack wraps almost all the way around the spoke.

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Bye bye E93 M3 - Hello F83 M4!

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