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Originally Posted by ILSMKU View Post
I hear ya bro! Mine has been in the shop more than my 4 prior Subaru STI's were COMBINED (03/06/09/11) !!!Mine is doing this funky idle thing too and it just started a week ago for me. It gets old and I'm with you on this.

That's just it. My previous $40,000 350Z had ONE issues in my 3 years of driving, and now my $80,000 M3 has FOUR issues in less than 1 year.

Come on. I know performance cars are more prone to problems than their lessen counterparts, but when I shell out $80,000 for a car, I don't want to have to make weekly trips to dealerships.

Sounds like you and are I very much on the same boat. Fuck, honestly, I am never buying another German car again. My next car will be a JDM (maybe R35 or something).