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Originally Posted by ortho281 View Post
+1 except, I just switched from PS2 to PSS and found the ride quality to be a little harsher than the 2 previous sets of PS2's. Agreed, the wet/dry traction of the PSS is much better than the PS2. I believe the difference in ride quality and handling is due to the PSS having a stiffer sidewall than the PS2.
It has a much stiffer side wall with a 101 load rating in the 265/40 18 size compared with a 97 load rating in the ps2. Should be able to fix the problem by putting the pressure down to 30-31psi instead of the recommended 35psi for the ps2 in the rear (18 inch) tires.

See table to work out the pressures for your size tires and for different load rated tires: