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Originally Posted by MisterSkiMask View Post
Its not worth speculating. However, suicide is not typically an action of a person who feels loved and has a family that is doing all they can do to help. If I was betting I would say it was more like 'I don't know what else to do, you take her...' and so on. While it feels distasteful, the only way that something positive can come out of this is to talk about how she felt like suicide was the only thing she could do.

***Steps off of soap box***
I would agree. Parents are the true perpetrators, being a victim is learnt, if you never picked it up somewhere, no one could bully you. Everything that happens in school, or later on anywhere in life, is a product of upbringing (the parents).
Back when there was no internet, I was a nerd who on the surface made an easy victim, but anybody who was foolish enough to try, got brutally met as in my family force is always met with force, perhaps even foolishly with no consideration to body size. I have an older sibling who was always physically large but physically picked on occasionaly, because he never fought back, because that was his 'role' at home.