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qq RIP. I wish schools were more proactive with bullying and talking to kids. They should learn that what people say online is bullshit 99% of the time. I learned it when I first started playing video games online on Xbox Live and people were calling me ******,gay,noob, etc.

I think its differently for guys and girls. As a guy, I cared less what they said because I knew I was playing online and those people were retards. However, I can totally see how a girl can take it personally. My sister stopped playing xbox because she said people would send her mean messages that she took personally and just didn't want to deal with it anymore. One guy sent her one a message that was like "Wow why the hell are you on xbox you are a fucking girl you suck go back to the kitchen you shouldn't even be allowed to watch TV".

Now that I am grown up, almost all the people who bullied me when I was little work at mcdonalds or somewhere shitty. I got the final laugh muahaha.

On a serious note, there are generally 3 types of people who get bullied.

Some people(like me) take the bullying to make themselves better people. If I had not gotten bullied when I was little I don' think I would be the awesome person I am today.

Other people just ignore bullying. They have better things to do. It does go away eventually. I haven't even seen any one of my bullys since high school.

Then other people unfortunately take it to themselves and suicide. We need to prevent this from happening. Most bullying only occurs during young ages. As adults we learn to just ignore dumbasses because they aren't worth our time

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