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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
Hey Black, I am not the government, and I'm not trying to restrict what people were saying here, I was giving my opinion on the pettiness of the comments here. Freedom of speech also means that I get to express my opinion here as well.

Also, look at the 7th word written right above your post. The individual uses the word hate.
I was addressing the OP and your comment to it. As an independent, I found the OP to be completely legitimate for what was brought up. Agree or disagree with it, but responding to a thread in the very beginning with the notion that it's solely just hate since it may conflict with your own affiliations is what feeds into digressing from the original statement into division of fighting on who's the hater. So saying it in the first place doesn't exactly help either. As far as freedom of speech, if you agree to that then why is it a problem in the first place? Just asking rhetorically you know.