Thread: BMW M3 or 335i?
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Originally Posted by MMMMM3 View Post
I don't track my car, and don't drive over 100mph (as I live in the world's largest nanny state). I wanted an e90, and bought an m3 because the front end looks like the (much cleaner) e92 coupe front end. And the noise the v8 makes is sublime.
I dunno, i wouldn't be able to justify the price difference/insurance/fuel for just the front end looks and sound. 335 can sound very good as well (hell, new m3 will come with the same engine), inline 6's of bmw sound like sex. With the proper exhaust, it will sound sick.

That's just me. We have a group of people here that have m cars, and they never go above 100mph, and mostly just cruise, and never track, and never drive fast... I consider it a waste... as in money wasted. Why buy performance car and not go fast? I mean if you want to show off, buy a ferrari, but showing off in m3 is silly, most don't even know what it is.