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Originally Posted by cstreit911 View Post
Yes I do. Which is why we have the dyno operated certified. Use only ONE brand of dyno with fixed parameters. You can modify weather, smoothing factors, tons of things, however these are all documented during runs. However his car was also vetted against the NASA Nationals controlled dyno. So either it's a grand conspiracy and ALL the operators are in on it for Stefan, or he dyno'd at the number he said he did.

No. Don't need to. We hire professionals to do it.

Wrong answer. Yes, there is. His name is Paul Milligan. Next?

There isn't a preferred Dyno, there is a dictated dyno. Go ahead and read the rules of GTS. Here is the link:

You'll see that we sanction only ONE brand of dyno to keep the results consistent. We have rarely seen any variation from run to run. Certainly not 50-75 HP. We have seen that on DynoJet to Mustang which is why last year we outlawed Mustang's for certification.

It's absolutely your right. ...and yes, you did not specifically call him a liar, you just *implied that "perhaps" he was not telling the truth* by saying "Sure Buddy". I also know the dyno operators at Nationals. They dyno'd all the cars with a NASA official present.

So to summarize we have very specific and repeated official checks on our cars to ensure the HP that they show on certified dyno's is verified by officially run NASA dyno's. We also DO install accelerometers in cars (see my comments above) to correlate both the certification, official, and post race dyno results. Certainly some elaborate scheme to trick the dyno's and the accelerometers installed could be done, to win that $5 trophy... ...but race results would start showing this pretty apparently.

E92/Stefan wasn't walking away on the straights. The EPIC Detune is well-known and documented. I have 320HP in my GT3 Cup (333 stock, 320 through a restrictor) and I was pulling Smith and can (and have) pulled E92 on the straights in my GTS4 car with similar weight. I have been on track with him many times. If he had 350 HP how would that work? So from this we can conclude that either:

a) he has stated his tune accurately or

b) Both he and the others have an elaborate plan to trick the dyno's, the GTS correlation device, the official NASA Dyno, AND whenever they see me or another GTS4 car coming, they back off on the throttle so we don't get suspicious.

Now which one seems more likely?

Good show Chris,
Nobody in NASA cheats, I was wrong.
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