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Originally Posted by dd1981 View Post
Yes I mean under 40k for the 5.0. I believe the base price currently is around 31k for a 5.0. I wasn't really looking to compare the lower models. But yes you are correct, hell the base model will definetely be under 30k. I just hope the put the ecoboost v6 in there instead of the NA v6.

And yes 440-450hp is very achievable, in fact the boss 302 already sports a nice 444hp with a different intake and exhaust. What's to say They won't use it on a regular GT.
boss 302 motor and the 5.0 gt motor are very different. One's a coyote and the other a road runner. the road runner uses different cams, heads, no oil squirters, forged pistons, rods, and crankshaft, but yes the coyote can have all of the power of the boss motor with just a intake manifold upgrade All of those upgrades was to be able to handle full time track duty...

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