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Samsung Galaxy S3 connectivity issues?

Hey guys, recently got the Galaxy S3, great phone. Connecting to my cars (2012 E92 M3) Bluetooth was no problem, the system recognizes the phone, however, there is a problem which I cannot find an answer to on the forums or anywhere.

Basically, my contacts list does not appear in the idrive, instead, all I see is all the telephone numbers stored in the phone book without names. I reconnected the phone a few times, same story. I tried sharing each contacts "Name Card", no luck, phone says cannot find a device when it scans.

On my Iphone 4 everything came up always, it was great, but idk, maybe since the GS3 is new, there is no fix?

If anyone has suggestions, or knows a thread that has tips, please lemme know! Thanks!

-Dave D.