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Originally Posted by scubasewj View Post
I experience this all the time on my vt2-600 kit (DCT). It happens usually at higher speeds and higher gear (4th gear and higher for me).

Example: If I'm going 100 mph in 4th gear and I want to slow down to 65 I used to be able to let off the gas and just downshift. I now have to use the brakes as well. If i just downshift the car doesn't really slow down (it does decrease speed but slowly compared to n/a)

It's my only complaint with the supercharger.
ah huh!!! there is truth in the basket
Just to compare, in 2nd and 3rd (6MT) when slowing down for a traffic light, you don't really have to use your brakes. This car has the most engine braking I've ever experienced.

How severe is this "lack of engine braking" compared to N/A ... ie % scale?