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Originally Posted by bullitt5897 View Post
Ive made up my mind! Totally custom 2007 S2k fully built to either a stroked 2.7L 450hp N/A or 500hp Turbo S2k! If you guys want to look it up I will be doing a one off Amuse GT1 WideBody Kit. For the 60+k price tag I would have to pay for the ///M. I can make a race/street S2k that weighs significantly less (2800 lbs) that will look better be funner to drive and beat the ever loving life out of the ///M turns and all!

Cars are my passion and I am on a mission to make one of the baddest cars for under 75k.

I love the S2000. One of its strong points is its reliability though.... R U sure you can add massive HP and keep the reliability on the track? My current track car is an '02 S2K. I'd take even a stock S2K over an M3 for the track any day! It's just more fun to drive and cheaper too! (tires, brake pads, rotors etc) Good luck on your project car.....

Back to the M3... if it's "too expensive"... I'll still want one.