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Originally Posted by machiavelli9988 View Post
I crunched some numbers last night and unfortunately things aren't looking good for me attendance wise. If I attend, it's going to eat into my off-season upgrade budget which was going towards sorting out the chassis. I know there isn't any better performance mod then driver education but I've been eyeing those M3 bits for so long...

I notice several of you live in Toronto as well, do you all cruise up to Ottawa together? I've read there are some fun roads between Orillia and Renfrew. Where do you guys stay?
Yes, Calabogie gets more expensive than other venues if you want instruction. At Mosport, you should be able to get 2 days plus instruction for ~$500 or sometimes even less. But on the other hand, if you just want to lap and practice your skills with way, you can get a ton of track time even in one day at Calabogie, and there are usually plenty of experienced drivers who can ride with you to show lines (which are not trivial there).

But is this trip happening for sure or still up in the air? If it's not firm, I may just go to Mosport for a PCA event this weekend. I'd much rather go to Calabogie, though.