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Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
i ride in my friend's cummins 6 speed dually quite often and he only has a tune and we got over 30mpg driving to orlando from tampa and you can most definitely hear spool whenever he gasses it.

EDIT: he just told me he scrapped his cats so that's probably why you hear spool, my bad. this leads me to believe that he was just talking shit so disregard what i said about 30mpg too. i know for a fact that they can get in the mid 20's, though, without modification and you don't drive like a dickhead
Yeah, guys love to b.s. about their trucks.

Originally Posted by smohr33 View Post
Highly unlikley to achieve 30mpg in a Cummins. I own one. 17- 20mpg around town. 22 - 25mpg at best on the highway. 12mpg towing 17,000lbs. Combine the high cost of diesel fuel which negates the mpg savings, a rock hard suspension, and an iron block that literally takes 15 minutes to get warm, and you have a really uncomfortable DD. The only reason to buy a diesel is if you are towing, or using it as a work truck.
These are facts based upon my experience, except with a Ford dually. The ride is f*cking horrible, it needs about 2000 lbs in the bed to tame the suspension.