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Originally Posted by MisterSkiMask View Post
misinformation here, you won't see 30mpg out of a full sized diesel pickup.

you will need to do extensive exhaust work to hear spool.

they can be converted to run on veg, but you certainly don't just dump it in the tank, you can simply put biodiesel in the tank, but there are some potential issues with that as well
i ride in my friend's cummins 6 speed dually quite often and he only has a tune and we got over 30mpg driving to orlando from tampa and you can most definitely hear spool whenever he gasses it.

EDIT: he just told me he scrapped his cats so that's probably why you hear spool, my bad. this leads me to believe that he was just talking shit so disregard what i said about 30mpg too. i know for a fact that they can get in the mid 20's, though, without modification and you don't drive like a dickhead
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