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Originally Posted by FormulaMMM View Post
Wow! Absolutely terrifying. Turbo S owner didn't appear to recognize the spill and slow down at all.

The RS 4.0 that blew, black one? Presume it's probably the 4.0 that was at Gingerman a few weeks back. He was from the Chicago area.

Thanks for sharing the footage. Oil spill now permanently logged as a hazard to watch out for.
Yes, it's the black one. Great guy, tough way to end the year.

Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
Yowza! Glad you made it through that one unscathed. Also glad the Turbo driver was ok. He shot off the track like a rocket. Wonder if he had track insurance.

What they say about 911s getting a good launch out of corners is true--he would just disappear on most corner exits. Is that why you were hootin' and hollerin' at one point in the clip?
No track insurance, and yes that was why I was hootin & hollerin, was just so fast the way it pulled away, and the induction sound

Originally Posted by adc View Post
A GTI blew his coolant at Shenandoah this weekend, but not catastrophically. I was just about to pass him, running right at the edge, and I was slow to recognize what was going on, when the first droplets hit my windshield.

But once I did, I just changed my line immediately so as to not be behind him, he gave me the pass and I was frantically waving at him. Not sure if he saw me, or interpreted my non-standard arm signals the right way...

Anyway, that reminded me of the most important fact, that I'm in my daily driver, and I should always leave something in reserve.

Nice driving BTW, your lines are just so right. The was one right hand corner though where you jumped the inside curb and I thought the car would snap into oversteer... Not knowing the track of course...
Crazy thing was in that same corner, had a viper blow a diff and spray me with oil last year. Couldn't see shit, that was scary. I always leave a bit in reserve and never really feel out of control, but then again I never try and fight anybody off, just let them pass, and that's where I think people have trouble. Nobody likes seeing a 4 door come up on their sportscar, especially in the advanced run groups, but I'm making em earn it
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