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Originally Posted by lm1z View Post
Making these GTR's look slow. Truly impressed by boosted M3's and unimpressed by these modded GTR's. What's the deal??
Many factors, like others mentioned... light weight of m's, SC'ed with supporting mods (meth, catless), auto tranny. Like somene mentioned before, in classic configuration of 6spd manual, the result may differ quite a bit (no matter how fast you think you can shift, and there is no flat shifting with SC)... I don't run meth, i'm a 6spd, and with smaller SC kit, results don't look the same... although i'm pretty sure I can give slightly modded GTR run for it's money in straight line. When I was at Spa, there was a stock 2011 gtr, and from low speed turns, he had a lot more torque down low and was able to catch up to me in those sections... but once again, i'm manual and can't do 2nd to 1st shifts at low speeds, plus traction would be an issue.

here is a vid from that... he was quite a bit behind me, but towards the end my brakes started to heat up, so I let him lead for a lap (I let him pass around 18:30).