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GW2 vs WoW

So I finally decided to upgrade my 9 year old Pentium D based computer to the latest i5 3570 + Phantom GTX 680 + Intel 520 SSD...

I thought well I used to like WoW but hadn't played it for a year so I'll just pick up Guild Wars 2 to test out the new rig and have a bit of fun too.

All the review have been blindly positive about GW2 so I knew I would be in for a treat. I had bought the original GW but was greatly dissapointed at the time, especially compared to WoW. Anyway, it was time for something new and I was confident after reading so many reviews that GW2 would be a vast improvement.

I installed and updated GW2. Set all the graphics to high and away I went.

I'll cut to the chase.

The visuals are impressive by any standard.

However I was immediately unimpressed by the gameplay. I gave it a few hours but no dice. Then it turned into a couple of days. But GW2 just hasnt grown on me. The fighting seems to be too hack and slash and there is little co-operation (ie no heals , tanks etc) so you just dont feel part of a team. It is also confusing when several people are piling on an enemy - hard to tell what you are doing let alone the enemy.

With PVP you can go straight in as a level 80 albeit without the best gear. Although at first glance this concept saves you a lot of time in grinding, it almost totally remove the satisfaction of achievement you got with WoW. This is what made WoW so addictive - you actually had to earn your gear. So all in all it actually got pretty boring rather quickly to my suprise.

Overall I think it is a visually very polished game, but it lacks the accessibility and charm of WoW. I think it will enjoy mediocre success but nothing more unless they make some major changes.

I am seriously consdering re-installing WoW and trying out a 1 month subscription as I know of no better MMO out there at present.

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