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Originally Posted by surlynkid
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You make a valid point, but I don't absolutely *HAVE* to have the 535d. I wouldn't mind a 528, but the diesel was just my preferred choice. The main focus of this decision is whether I should use the E92 as both a track toy and a DD, or splitting up the roles between an F10 and an E46.
split the roles. less stress if you crater the car on the track. i also have offroad 4x4 rock crawlers, and i fully expect something to break off-road. i want a dedicated DD. it is always nice to at least keep the E46 street legal in a pinch in case the DD goes in for repairs.
I like that philosophy. Its good to have a backup car. That way I'm not hosed if something bad happens at the track, or even the road. Hopefully not, but you're never sure!