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M3 Shooting Flames?

A friend of mine was driving behind me on the way to a movie when he said he saw my car spit out a 6 inch flame from each exhaust tip. What happened was that I pulled up to a red light and there was a semi in front of me. When the light turned green I changed lanes and sped up around the semi and shifted from second to third at about 7k rpm which is when he said that he saw it shoot out small flames. I did a search already and found that this is normal if you are running a catless exhaust system, but I have an exhaust system that still has cats but has no resonators. It is an 08 e90 6 speed M3 with about 45k miles on it. I am concerned because my warranty goes out in a week and I do not have to pay a repair out of pocket. So is this normal? What could have caused this? Thanks in advance.
Matte White e90 ///M3