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Originally Posted by aerisolphaln View Post
As others have posted on this board, I think it is a poor prognostic sign that BMW have not released the official US price yet. The world wide debut and sales of the car start next month, and the UK pricing has been out for quite some time now.

I agree with the argument that BMW will wait as long as possible before announcing the US price for a couple of reasons. Frist of all, they want to see if the dollar gains any strength against the Euro to increase the profitability of selling the lion's share of the M3's in the US. Secondly, I believe BMW will be asking a very high premium in the US for the M3 based on prices of the car in the UK and percent increase of price over models such as the previous generation M3, the current 335i, and the RS4. I do believe BMW will have a base US MSRP of about $65,000. By waiting until as close to US availability as possible to announce the price, they will give people less time to rationally decide if the car is really worth that much of a premium. People will be sick with anticipation and M3 hunger and will feel like they need to order it right away after the world has had the car for 6 months, and if you pop the price at the last second, they won't consider how extremely expesive this 3 series really is.

I think the longer BMW go with no US price announcement, the more expensive the car is going to be.

I know that I will not be purchasing an M3, if it has a base price of more than $60k.