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Originally Posted by leemik View Post
I have taken lots of diff types of rolling and rig shots...

1. This is a combination rolling & rig shot done with a fisheye lens.. The rig was attached to the M3 and the EVO was rolling at same speed (~1 mph)

rig_18 by leemiks, on Flickr

2. another rolling & rig shot with a different prospective..

rig_05 by leemiks, on Flickr

3. more standard type rig shot

rig_02 by leemiks, on Flickr

4. How the rig shots were done

rig_00 by leemiks, on Flickr

5. plain old rolling shot:

IMG_2088 by leemiks, on Flickr

6. another pretty standard rolling shot (not of my car)

IMG_7243 by leemiks, on Flickr

7. how the rolling shots were done

8. interesting prospective rolling shot.. I had someone else drive my car while i stuck my arm out the window as far as i could

autumn_6_rolling by leemiks, on Flickr

My collection of rolling/rig/panning shots:

anyone know what lip is on this e92???